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We’re bringing the fun back to exercise and turning workouts into a party!  

In an industry obsessed with weight loss and calories, we’re here for shame-free, inclusive, sweaty fun! EVERY BODY is a somebody, and all bodies deserve to move. You deserve to feel good, so let your hair down, shake it out, and let the 305 community lift you up in this judgment-free dance party!

Price: $12 

Time: Wednesdays 6pm-645pm & Saturdays 10am-1045am

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New Moon & Full Moon Ceremony

New Moon: August 15

Full Moon: August 30 

Get ready for an amazing night of meditation, journal prompts, sound healing, gathering with like minded people and so much more. Join Monique Reiki Master and Sound Healing practitioner in honoring the New and Full Moon. We will learn about the current moon and how to harness the energy to work for us, and receive a free gift!  

Price: $44

Time: 630pm-930pm

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Soul Soothing Restorative Yoga

September 10

A 75-minute yoga class to connect to your mind, body and emotions through: breathing exercises to re-center oneself, guided postures to stretch the body (all levels welcome), 15-minute of guided journaling to reflect on awareness discovered on your mat, option for an extended Savasana: lying on your mat in a restful posture, complimentary tea offered during guided journaling. 

Price: $35

Time: 7pm-8:15pm

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Breath & Sound Journey

 September 16 

Embark on a journey weaving two powerful modalities into a nourishing and healing experience. By consciously activation our breath with a live sound bath throughout the experience, we will drop from the mind and deep into our body and heart. In this sonic and somatic experience, we have the opportunity to feel and release stuck energy and emotions, tap into our inner wisdom, and rewire limiting beliefs. 

Price: $44

Time: 2pm-4pm

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