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305 Dance Cardio

every Wednesday & Saturday

We’re bringing the fun back to exercise and turning workouts into a party!  

In an industry obsessed with weight loss and calories, we’re here for shame-free, inclusive, sweaty fun! EVERY BODY is a somebody, and all bodies deserve to move. You deserve to feel good, so let your hair down, shake it out, and let the 305 community lift you up in this judgment-free dance party!

Price: $12 

Time: Every Wednesday 6pm-645pm & Saturday 10am-1045am


Tuesday, May 9th & Tuesday, May 30th

Alexander breathwork is an intense experience driven by your breath. You can expect clarity of your thoughts and the release of deeply held emotions that no longer serve you. You will likely scream, cry, and laugh uncontrollably during this process. Lay down and cover your eyes while we guide you through breathing rhythms to a carefully selected playlist to reach an altered state of consciousness to release inner child wounds, grief, loss of purpose, and other belief systems that do not serve you. *There will be no movement other than sitting and lying down

Price: $52 

Time: 6:45-9:45pm


May 13th

HypnoBreathwork® is a cutting edge method using breathwork to clear energetic patterns, hypnosis to reprogram subconscious beliefs, and visioning to fire new neural pathways for sustainable behavior change. This unique formula accelerates trance-induced states to heal unprocessed emotions from the root and take intuitive action to create the life you want.

**Do not eat 1 hour prior to the event. 

Price: $35 

Time: 11am-12pm


May 19th

If you feel stuck in any sort of a rut, or you’re ready to embark on a new chapter this nurturing and empowering ceremony is for you. Please dress comfortably as we will be engaging in mild-breathwork, gentle movement, journaling and dark therapy.

Feel free to bring blankets, pillows, a yoga mat and/or any objects that would make your experience more comforting. If you are in a romantic relationship or any sacred bond you are encouraged to bring a mate, but solo-participation will be just as meaningful. 

Price: $65

Time: 7pm-10pm

Soul Soothing Restorative Yoga

May 21st

A 75-minute yoga class to connect to your mind, body and emotions through: breathing exercises to re-center oneself, guided postures to stretch the body (all levels welcome), 15-minute of guided journaling to reflect on awareness discovered on your mat, option for an extended Savasana: lying on your mat in a restful posture, complimentary tea offered during guided journaling. 

Price: $35

Time: 7pm-8:15pm

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